I took the train from Kalambaka to Athens. This meant a 23 hour wait for a train on which bicycles were allowed as checked luggage.

After some sightseeing, I crossed to Salamina Island, hoping to reach Corinth to see the canal. The map said a ferry could take me back to the mainland, but the wind was too strong and it stopped operating. So I returned to Athens.

Just after opening, the Acropolis was still fairly empty and I managed to take a photo of the Parthenon without anyone in it
Here’s my photo of the Erechtheion without people
Demonstration of camera obscura in the Agora museum. In the early 1800s, this invention helped document the ancient sights of Greece before they were further wrecked and pillaged
In the Agora stand the Temple of Hephaestus which is still in remarkable shape after two millennia
Ferry to Salamina
Yacht getting out of the way of the ferry
A cove of Salamina Island
A statue in Athens
I had a rest day on the coast near Rafina. The water temperature was perfect for swimming.