Camino del Norte

Camino del Norte runs parallel to the original route. The hills on the coast makes it more difficult, but the sea moderates the temperature this time of year.

Most traffic used the motorway, making the national road very quiet. So I did much more distance on it than on the Camino.

I saw hundreds, if not thousands of pilgrams, nearly all traveling in the opposite direction. Quite a few were a little bit lost.

One girl even stopped me and asked “Are you doing the Camino ? Where’s the route ?”

“Yes, but right now I’m heading to a supermarket. Give me two seconds to look on my phone… We’re right on it. Just follow this roads until you get to the harbour and the tourist area. Then keep the sea on your right.”

“Is this Castro Urdiales ?”. Clearly she didn’t expected to be on the route.

“Yes. In the harbour you will even see a beautiful white sign saying ‘Castro’”.

A bridge on the Camino
Camino being upgraded
Mondonedo. Quiet national road is on the far left.
Very, very narrow cycleway over the bridge in Ribadeo
A race passed through or ended in Tapia Casariego
Tapia coastline
Lucarno harbour
Toll road towers over the national road
3 children playing on a cherry picker. Parents are nearby.
Gijon skyline
A statue in Gijon
Gijon skyline
One of many rowers on the lagoon at Ribadeselle
Coastline near Llanes
Boat covered in algae
View from Llanes
Near Llanes is a village named “Poo”
The estuary of San Vincente with snow covered peaks in the background
I forgot to smile for this photo
Mural depicting the Camino
The ferry runs from Santander to Portsmouth

More than a century ago, Santander Bank was founded in Santander. Since then it has grown into a global bank that employs more people than the entire population of the city it was founded in.

Palacio de la Magdalena is right at the mouth of the river
Number of pilgrims staying at Albergue De Guemes
Ferry arriving in Santona with a load of pilgrims
On the Laredo side the ferry stops at the beach for loading and unloading
People walking on the beach. Yes, look carefully.
A statue in Castro Urdiales
Some abandoned port facility near Castro Urdiales
The road to Bilbao