Lakes of Macedonia

I was pleasantly surprised by North Macedonia: Fairly pristine nature and very affordable. The clear water of Lake Ohrid particularly impressed me, so I stayed there for 5 nights.

After that, I took a shortcut through Albania to Greece.

The first thing I saw in Greece was Motorway 29. Curiously there are no signs banning cycling or walking on it. Given all the bottlenecks (A Schengen border, customs between two countries with poor economic performances), it was also deadly quiet. While doing my homework, I found a CGOAB post by Julian Thomas who said cycling on it was so nice, it was actually boring.

So I followed his example. My reception at the tool gate was a bit cold. But, after telling them about the lack of signs, they let me through.

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Albanian village in North Macedonia
Mountain trying to hide behind cloud
Mavrovo Dam
I stayed in this village
A sculpture of a sculpture maker
Road to Debar
Isolated village
Weeds growing on some concrete structure over the road
Lake Debar
Fly fishing
More fly fishing
Road to Ohrid via Struge
Another artificial lake
Canal in Struge
Annoying speed bumps in cycleway
Ohrid town
Monastery on the shore of Lake Ohrid
Local band performing in Ohrid
Ohrid town keen to attract Dutch tourists
Lake Ohrid as seen from Albania
Mountain between Albania and Greece
Something being dried in Albania
Granite supplier in Albania
One of the many bunkers scattered through Albania
Cycling on a motorway in Greece
Kastoria mainland
Kastoria Peninsula
Kastoria is known for it’s fur industry