Portuguese Coast

Cape Roca, most Westerly point in continental Europe
Statue of a surfer “riding a tube”
Many windmills from pre-electrical area.
Big sand dune
Reminds me of Knysna
A car registered in Andorra
Every few minutes, traffic alternates between North bound and South bound.
Communal facility for washing feet and relaxing
The guy on the electric scooter pulls his friend on the bicycle. I enjoyed riding in their slipstream.
Most of the time I was on the coastal road (EV1), but occasionally I did join the camino.
This beach near Nazaré is world renowned among surfers for the large waves during winter.
Two dozen or so bicycle tourists were heading South along this long, straight road, with the wind at their back.

I was heading North and endured a strong headwind.

Frequently Euro Velo 1 followed these raised wooden walkways.
It was Resurrection Sunday and there were fireworks every hour.
Shared water taxi that took me and 3 pilgrims to Spain