I stayed in Tbilisi for 4 months and will probably return later in the year.

While Starbucks only writes your name on your cup, Kvarts Coffee draws your face on the cup.
Mtkvari River aka Kura River near Old Town
From Turtle Lake looking at the twisted Axis Towers. Some new buildings on the left and Saburtalo in the background.
Georgia imports a lot of used vehicles. Frequently the new owners do not remove the signage from commercial vehicles.
This vacant land between the Tbilisi Sea and Varketili has great development potential.
Mtatsminda Park on the ridge has spectacular views of the city. Biltmore Hotel in the foreground.
Cow disrupting the traffic leaving the airport.
Mikheil Saakashvili radically transformed the Georgian economy while president, but is a highly controversial figure.
Stray cat on a roof being thrown food
Street dog chasing cars