The best road in Bulgaria

Today I rode from Madera to Isperih. For the most part it was on quiet county roads. There were plenty of pot holes, but always enough good tarmac left to avoid them.

Madera offers a variety of accommodation. In Isperih the choices are limited, but it does have another draw card: The ancient tombs located in nearby Sveshtari.

The tombs were constructed in 400 BCE and then intentionally hidden under dirt.

In the 1980s a metal enclosure was built over one of the dirt mounds before the meticulous excavation started. This allowed the scientists to control the micro climate inside to minimize damage to the artifacts.

The tomb inside was a building consisting of 3 small rooms. It’s probably the best preserved building constructed before the common era (BCE).

During the guided tour, we were allowed to wander around the tomb, both inside and around the exterior.

A fairly common sight
Ruins of fort built approximately 400 BCE
I tried to continue West along the 2304, but after 2 km I turned around at this locked gate.
The thin red line shows my route: Avoided the major roads
I wasn’t allowed to take photos but got this one from Wikipedia