I followed the Váh River from Zilina nearly all the way to the capital. I discovered that long stretches of this route (002) have been upgraded with tar cycleways.

A tripoint is a point where 3 countries meet. Most tripoints are closed to the public due to border security concerns. Others are mountain peaks or at the confluence of two large rivers making them very hard to reach.

After I visited a few sights in Bratislava, I went to the nearby tripoint. This tripoint was really easy to get to: Just a short detour from Euro Velo 6 along well maintained roads and tracks. A triangular table marks the spot.

Beautiful concert hall in small town Poland
This bridge is just to get the cycleway over those pipes
Train in Poland
Walkway leads to the train platform. It’s protected from the conveyor belt above uit
Ruins from WW1 ?? North of Zilina
Don’t ask. Just don’t.

So Stranik can be reached by hand glider or paragliding ??
Only had a few punctured so far. One was caused by this M5 bolt.
Bow and arrow ? No, shape of intersection ahead
I saw very few boats on the Vah
Michael’s Gate in Bratislava
Cumil is taking a break from sewer work
My lunch at the tripoint consisted of brot with salad and cheese.