Tourist accommodation is a cottage industry in Hungary. They have their own reservation system called Szallas similar to The government also give grants (loans?) to private hosts in small villages.

So I slept on the Hungarian side of the Danube on my way to Budapest. But EV6 in Hungary is not nice. It is often next to a busy road. So I chose to cross back into Slovakia where EV6 mostly a sealed road on top of the levy.

But this caused two problems: Firstly the best bridge to Slovakia was clearly only intended for motorized traffic. Fortunately, while I was looking at the map, a French cyclist showed up and we crossed together.

The second probleem was that the best place to return to Hungary was a ferry crossing. Luckily I went over the details while I was still near a bridge. And I had the common sense to realize that the ferry could be closed due to low water levels. Which turned out to be the case.

I set off from the guest house with a passenger on the back. After pushing my bicycle a few paces, the host intervened
Bruno and I crossed together into Slovakia before he went upstream and I went downstream
From the levies I had occasional views of the river
A tarred road on a straight levy. Heaven.
And hell in Hungary: A narrow cement path next to a busy road through a run down industrial area
Kayak on the Vah river near the Danube
Train in Hungary
Tourist boat operating despite low water levels
Another train in Hungary
Budapest from the Fishermen’s Bastion
Buda is Western half, Pest is Eastern half
John Von Neumann (one of the smartest people ever) grew up in this house in Pest.
Memorial to the 400,000 Jews who were deported to Auschwitz in a few months in 1944
Budapest hosted the Olympics ??
Heroes Square commemorates 1000 years of the Hungarian state
There’s a lovely park with a rose garden, huge playground dog park etc.
At the edge of the park are two ramps with stairs and viewpoints
Two electric vehicles being charged at a retailer’s charge point