French Cathedrals

I decided to return to Georgia. The closest airport with cheap flights was in Beauvais. It took me 3 days of cycling to get there. I made a couple of detours in order to see 3 of the best French Cathedrals.

This hare was very skittish, but I managed a decent photo with my zoom lens.
Kite designed to scare the birds
On this track near, the Aerotrain set a speed record of 422 km/h.

The plan was to extend the track to Paris. But the project was cancelled due to concerns over noise, the price of fuel and the technical risk.

A smaller experimental track near Paris
A monument near the outskirts of Paris.
Chartes Cathedral is slightly smaller than Amiens, but it’s older and retained more of the original stained glass
Footpath / cycleway tunnel
My room in Paris. The hostess in Muslim.
Lovely chateau visible from the bike route through Paris.

I’ve done much of my touring with a luggage rack over the rear wheel. It’s held in place with 4 bolts. Near the center of Paris, on of the bolts broke off in the eyelet on the frame. I couldn’t unscrew it. So it was impossible to use the bicycle for touring anymore.

The bicycle took a lot of abuse over the last 8,000 km. So I decided to replace it with a Decathlon hybrid bicycle.

All the broken bicycles. Mine is at the end. The latest addition.
Notre Dame in Paris being restored. I’m glad I was able to see the interior in 2017.
C’├ętait un rendez-vous : A 1976 French short film showing a high speed drive through Paris.

I decided to take the same route as seen in this cult classic.

No drones allowed on the path! It’s near Charles De Gaulle so presumably the whole area is off limits to drones
Beauvais Cathedral has structural braces
On the inside the braces are clearly visible.