Loire Valley

This transporter bridge will soon be recommissioned for tourism purposes
Fishing in the canal on a Saturday afternoon

While riding on the tow path of the canal, my phone said “Turn Right”.

“But there’s no bridge. The map is wrong and I’ll be late for check-in” I thought.

Looking carefully, I saw this little unmanned boat is actually a ferry.

There are no hooks or ropes to tie it down for loading and unloading. This is by design so that people on the other side and always reel it in.

Dense canal network. My route is in red and only involved one ferry crossing.
This grand AirBnB was only $26 due to a promotion
Shutters are closed
Cycle/footpath in Fontenay
View from my AirBnB in Cholet. Fortunately there were no night trains.
I just love the name of this city: Cholet
New power line under construction
I found a bench with a nice view and decided to have lunch
Just as I started, the rain came pouring down. I sheltered at the back door of this hotel.
The leader of a large group of cyclists
This mill on the Cher River was operational until the 1970s
Tandem ?
Tandem ?
Upgrades to Château d’Amboise

Leonardo Da Vinci spent the last few years of his life in Amboise

Loire River as seen from the Château
Chateau Chenonceau
It’s a fake fire behind this rotisserie.
History of the chateau
My AirBnB in Bloise had a view of the cathedral
Views like this was fairly common on the cycle path
Learning to kayak
Me at Chambord Castle
View from the castle
Double helix staircase. Only at the bottom is it possible to walk directly from the one helix to the other
Boules being played on both sides of the cycle route